Liberty Point Baptist Church
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Pointing People to the Freedom Found in Jesus

A Word From Our Pastor


           Our lives are full of defining moments.  From the time we begin to walk until the day we breathe our last breath, our lives are full of these moments.  There will be one moment in your life that will define all the others.  It will be the biggest decision you will ever make.  That defining moment comes when you choose to follow or reject Jesus Christ as your Savior.


            At Liberty Point we gather to celebrate the fact that God loved each of us so much that he made a way for us to make that decision.  He gave up His own Son in order that we might have life.  Yes, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, each of us can have life, if we choose to follow Him.  If you have made that decision we invite you to come and join us, and if you have questions about that decision, then come and seek out what you are looking for, take time to examine who Jesus really is.  My desire is through examining Him you will truly experience Him, and experience life change. 

            As you are navigating around this website, you will find different ways you can become involved in the work of the kingdom.  My prayer as pastor is that you would not only experience life change, but each of us would be so impacted that we would join the work, to bring life and change to others. 

No matter who you are, you are welcome and invited to join us.  As you read this today we are praying for you, and anxiously awaiting your arrival.